As I mentioned in a previous post, I put some works of Anne Stokes on my old facebrick page. The bastards disabled my account. At first the only thing I could think of was I had violated copyright laws. I wrote to Anne to appologise. Well what can I say? This woman is really cool! Not only a brilliant artist, but down to earth and very reasonable. I copied her reply direct from my g-mail. I am thrilled! Check this…

Anne Stokes to me
show details 17 Oct (1 day ago)

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your kind words about my art. I am pleased to hear that you like my pictures. I have no problem with you, or anyone, posting my work on Facebook or any other internet site (as long as my copyright statement and web site adress are there some where and they are not trying to sell it). I see it as a good way for people to find out about my art, not a problem. I don’t know why Facebook would have disabled your account. It certainly had nothing to do with me. I hope you get it reinstated again soon!

Best wishes,

Cool or WHAT! That said, bear in mind her work is subject to copyright. I am still new to blogging and am struggling to get the links working but Annes website is