Three dogs were sitting in a vets office. The first dog says, “Last night, I jumped over the fence, tore up the garbage bags, killed the neighbours cat and attacked the postman. The pound caught me and brought me here to be put down!”

The second dog, a Rotweiler, says “Last night I was having fun with the masters 14 year old son. We were playing rough and accidently when I jumped up, my fang hooked his cheek and cut him open. He got 28 stitches. I really did not mean to hurt him, but the master thinks I am a threat to the family, and have been brought to the vet to be put down too.”

The third dog puts his ears flat on his head, his tail curled under his legs. He says, “Last night, my mistress had just a towel around her. She bent down to feel the temperature of the bath water. Her creamy ass was right in front me. I couldn’t help my self. I jumped on her back and humped her silly!”

“oh HELL!” says the first dog, “You’re here to be put down aswell!”

“No, No!” Says the third. “I am here to have my claws clipped.”