Cinderella was sitting in the kitchen, crying her eyes out, when the Fairy God-Mother appeared in a puff of smoke.

“Vot is ze matter, Cinders?” she asked.

“Oh, Fairy Go-Mother,” sobbed Cinderella. “The ugly step sisters have gone to the trance party and I am left here to clean this mess!”

“Not to worry.” replied the kindly fairy. She waved her magic wand and VOILA! There was Cinderella in the latest fashion gear, her Cheverolet Spark parked outside.

“Now Cinderella,” warned the God-mother “You had better be back by midnight or ze fanny will turn into a pumpfkin!”

So Cindy buggered off while the old lady made herself comfy. 23h30 came and the God Mother began to get anxious. 23H55 came and went. 1 o’clock 2 o’clock Bloody 04:30 Cinderella stumbles in, looking absolutely wrecked.

“Cinderella!” yelled the God-Mother. “I said you were to be home by midnight or ze fanny would turn into ze pumpkin!”

“Ah,” replied Cinderella. “But guess who I met at the trance party? Peter Peter, the pumpkin eater!”