One day, Ivan Moodley was digging in his garden when the spade hit something hard just below the dirt. He got on his hands and cleared the dirt away to reveal a solid little wooden box with a lock on it.

He pulled the box out the ground and broke the lock off with his spade. Imagine his surprise when he discovered the box was FULL of gold coins!

He yelled to his wife “Hey Nazima! Check this! I just found a bloody box with gold coins and all!”

Nazima took one look at the box and said “Ivan Moodley. You better take this box of coins and all STRAIGHT to the bank”

So Moodley called his daughter to join him for the drive. They jumped into his ’57 chevvy (with ’48 engine) and sped off through the sugar cane to go make their deposit.

On the way, a bandit leapt in front of the car weilding an AK-47. He told them to get the fuck out of the car. The bandit jumped in the driver seat and sped off.

Moodley was most distraught. He was in the middle of the road, tearing his hair and bawling.

“Whats the matter, father?” asked the daughter.

“No, man! The bloody bandit stole the car, stole the gold, stole bloody everything and all!”

“No no!” said the daughter. “When I saw the bandit, I took the box of gold and hid it up my fanny!”

“Whaaarrgghh” cried Moodley. “If only your mother was with us, we could have kept the car too!”