The Super Hero’s had gathered in Paris for their AGM. Every one was there. Spider-man, Hulk, Cat-woman, Bat-man… you name it. The procedings were supposed to start at 10:00 sharp, but Superman, who was the Master of Ceremonies, was no-where to be found.

By 1 pm they were all getting pretty darn annoyed. Hulk was turning green and every-one was bemoaning that super-heroes have better things to do with their time than to sit around doing nothing, when out of the sky comes Superman, his cape blowing nonchalantly in the breeze.

Hulk storms over to him, furious. “Superman!” he yells. “Where the hell have been? We don’t have time for silly late comers! You better have a damn good excuse!”

“Well” says Superman “I was flying in from New York and I use the Eiffel Tower as a navigational beacon. As I flew over it, I saw Super-Woman lying naked on the top viewing platform. She was rubbing her boobs and writhing in extacy. I got a super-hard on, flew out of the sky straight into her!”

“Gosh!” says Hulk. “I bet she must have been surprised.”

“Yep, she was! But not as surprised as Invisible Man.”