It was Halloween, the husband and wife were due to go to a dress up party together. The wife developed a horrible migraine in the afternoon and told her husband she would rather not go. Being the ever faithful, the husband told her he would stay home too. “No! No!” she insisted. “You must go or I will feel just awful!”

So the husband went to the party while the wife slept for a bit. When she woke, the migraine had passed and since her husband had not yet seen her outfit, she decided to go to the party in her disguise and see what he was up to.

She mingled among the guests, then spotted her husband in his outfit standing at the bar, downing drink after drink and leering at the other female guests. Then he hit the dance floor, skanking his ass, copping a quick feel here n there. So she decided to go dance with him, he was after all her husband. The two of them got down and dirty and literally set the place alight. So she whispered in his ear “Lets go outside for a quickie!”

Out in the garden the husband banged her for all he was worth. Just before midnight and the official unmasking, the wife slipped away and went back home. A while later her husband returned so she said to him “Good party, dear?”

“Nah, not really.” said her man.

“Oh? Did you have too much to drink?” she asked.

“Only one beer. Then orange juice the rest of the evening.”

“Oh?” she said, eyebrows raised. “And dancing? Did you have fun?”

“No babe.” he said. “You know when you’re not around I don’t really enjoy myself. In fact I went upstairs and played cards all night.”

The wife was about to blow her top when the husband says “Mind you, the guy I loaned my costume to seemed to have enjoyed himself.”