One day Tiger Woods was on the course teaching his wife the game of golf. But she just could not get the hang of it. Half the balls she would end up hitting behind her, the other half a mere few feet into the rough.

Now Tiger had been with her from the first tee to the 18th. He had shown her greens and fairways, bunkers and water traps, wedges, irons and putters. He had tried to teach her even the most basic principles but she still could not fathom it out.

Out of pure frustration he said to her “Honey, the concept is actually very simple. You have to hold the club FIRMLY. For pity sakes, grasp it like you hold my cock!!!”

So Mrs Woods tees off and gets A HOLE IN ONE!! Tiger nods his head in appreciation before saying “Thats more like it! Now you can take the club out of your mouth!”