A guy goes to the doctor. He says “Doc, I got a major problem. My dick is orange.”

The doctor asks him to take off his pants and sure enough this guys dick is orange. Not just a little bit, but bright fucking day-glo orange. So the doctor asks him “Have you been having sex with prostitutes or dirty girls?”

“No Doctor. I am still a virgin.”

The doctor asks “Have you been working with dangerous chemicals?”

“No doctor.”

The doctor stares at the blokes cock for a bit and asks “Hell mate. Are you maybe a spray-painter and your aim was a bit out?”

“Nope, nothing like that.” comes the reply.

The doctor shakes his head and says “This is a most unusual and difficult diagnosis. I need to know more about you. Tell me, what do you do during the day?”

“Oh not much.” says the patient “I stay at home, watch porn and eat Cheeto’s!”