This is a cool idea and a great way to impress. (particularly if your pic on the toast is a heart and you’re making a hot babe breakfast in bed) Do it right and TRUST ME… you’re gonna get laid.

1) Get a piece of bread and draw the picture that you want toasted onto it. I used that fake spray-on butter, because in my experiences the result is usually better, and it is easier to draw your picture.

2) Turn your stove on HIGH. Let it sit for a minute. You want it to be really hot.
3) Put your piece of toast face down in the pan (with the picture facing the heat source). Make sure to do it very gently, because you can’t slide it at all once it goes into the pan.
4) Let it toast for a few minutes.

5)Lift your piece of toast up and check out your masterpiece!

Sell it on e-bay for $17500!! Send 10% commision fee my way.