The Seals of Nam

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Is this not truly a magnificent sight?

These are Cape Fur Seals. This pic was taken at Cape Fria in Namibia. Each year, 85 000 nursing pups are bludgeoned to death for their fur and an additional 6 000 adult bulls get shot so that their penises can be used to make an ineffective aphrodisiac. 

The corruption behind this slaughter is mind blowing. The SPCA in Namibia refuse to get involved, claiming that a seal (according to Namibian law) is not an animal. There is reason to believe diamonds from De Beers are being smuggled out in the corpses of these animals as 60% of the massacre takes place on a Government controlled diamond field. 

For further info, check out “The Seals of Nam” While Francois Hugo of the group “Seal Alert” has been at the forefront of the battle to end the cull for many years, The Seals of Nam approach seems to be helping swing the tide. They are pushing for international boycotts and attack Namibia with a holistic and multi pronged approach, including formal requests to the International Rugby Board to drop Namibia from the Rugby World Cup 

Formal request to IRB to drop Namibia from Rugby World Cup

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Each year, 85 000 nursing seal pups are beaten to death in Namibia. We are asking the International Rugby Board to drop Namibia from the World Cup (to be played in New Zealand later this year.) Here is a sample letter to the IRB, followed by the contact details for the various rugby unions involved. Please do contact them. 
To whom it may concern.
As you are probably aware, the International Rugby Board was recently forced to intervene and take charge of the Namibian Rugby Union amongst allegations of corruption and mismanagement. 
I now wish to draw your attention to an international boycott of Namibian sport, produce and tourism based on the country’s annual massacre of endangered Cape Fur Seals. Each year, 91 000 of these animals (which appear on Appendix 2 of CITES) are savagely beaten to death on the beaches of Namibia. 
News of the boycott is being rapidly spread by conservation organizations, media houses, animal rights groups and concerned citizens around the world. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are littered with references pertaining to the savagery of the hunt. The boycott also has the full backing of a number of South African celebrities, including Miss South Africa. 
Namibia will be playing three pool matches in New Zealand and Australia. Namibian fixtures and venues are as follows:
Namibia vs Wales 26th September 2011 Yarrow Stadium
Namibia vs South Africa 22nd September 2011 North Harbour Stadium
Namibia vs Fiji 10th September 2011 Rotorua International Stadium. 
In light of the above, and considering all the negative publicity generated from this slaughter, we are making a formal request to the IRB to drop all Namibian fixtures from the World Cup. We are also appealing to the teams from South Africa, Wales and Fiji to show solidarity in this regard and publicly denounce the annual slaughter. 
For further information and to find out who else the campaign organizers are targeting, you are referred to the following website https://sites.google.com/site/thesealsofnam/get-involved/the-boycott 
Your assistance and cooperation in this regard would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards

Contact Addresses
sarfu@mweb.co.za (South African Rugby Union)
vilir@fijirugby.net (Fiji Rugby Union)
info@wru.co.uk (Welsh Rugby Union)
irb@irb.com (International Rugby Board)