Tell Lai Lai Garden to stop serving SHARK FIN SOUP – The Petition Site

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Tell Lai Lai Garden to stop serving SHARK FIN SOUP – The Petition Site: “Each year, 100 MILLION sharks are massacred for their fins. More often than not, the finning takes place at sea. The fins and tail are chopped off and the trunk is thrown overboard and the animal is left to drown.
In some areas, shark populations have dropped by as much as 90%.
1/3 of ALL shark species are facing extinction, many within our life time.
Sharks play a critical role in maintaining the fragile balance in our worlds oceans.
The fins do not add flavour to the soup, which is a type of chicken broth. Neither do they hold any nutritional value. The fins are added to provide texture.”

Navy using dolphins to hunt down enemy divers and mines | DVICE

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Navy using dolphins to hunt down enemy divers and mines | DVICE: “Navy using dolphins to hunt down enemy divers and mines”

The Seals of Nam

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Ok. Been a while since I last blogged, with the past few days being extremely busy. My campaign “The Seals of Nam” has taken off quite nicely and much positive feedback from the website. News articles and blogs are starting to publish the horrors of the Namibian seal massacre (the largest slaughter of wildlife on earth) and many are joining me in the call to BOYCOTT NAMIBIA.

I am absolutely thrilled with the support I have got and need to make special mention of and thanks to BITE BACK in Belgium for staging protests outside the Namibian embassy, FUR FREE SA as well as well as BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY and SASSI for all the tremendous effort they put in. The media campaign has turned into a major success with local South African celebrities lending their voices to the campaign.

Bite Back protest in Brussels

ANIMALS AUSTRALIA will be demonstrating in Brisbane and although Sea Shepherd are not a protest organization, our CEO Steve Roest has granted the South African chapter to stage protests later in the year. These will take place in Cape Town and Pretoria. I also hope to involve other international chapters so as to increase awareness to the plight of the Cape Fur Seals and add additional pressure on the Namibian government to end the slaughter. I would also like to thank Sea Shepherd in particular for publishing my article on their website and Facebook pages. The amount of awareness this has generated has been phenomenal. 
If you would like to know more about the campaign and how you can help, with links to petitions and who you can write to etc CLICK HERE
If you represent an organization and would like to join us in an official capacity, you can send us an email by clicking HERE 

This baby seal was savagely beaten. It then had its throat slit while it was still alive

Help stop legislation that will lead to the slaughter of our biodiversity « Snippets «

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Help stop legislation that will lead to the slaughter of our biodiversity « Snippets «


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